The Ideal Sitting Position in Online QQ Dominoes


Indeed this sounds very trivial, but by adjusting the seating position of course the cards will be different right? Indeed, every gambling certainly depends on the luck / luck of someone, but not all gambling is only with hockey, for example, the location of the seating position in this type of online gambling domino. Well here it is – the location that you should sit if you want to win this type of online gambling domino, as follows:

– First, the sitting position which is considered to bring good luck is to the right of the seat of the player who previously won the round. So to play this type of game you are required to stay focused and pay attention to all the movements of other players who are at the same table with you …


– The second thing about seating positions that is believed to bring good luck is usually in chairs with even numbers, this might look like crap, but try to practice this trick when you are going to play this online domino.


– Third is try to choose a table and a seat that you believe is a hockey seat that is usually if you sit at certain numbers, you get a good card – good and make a profit. For example, if your lucky number is the second chair, then try to sit in the second chair in the direction of the clock, if still not shinny, please try sitting in the second chair counter clockwise. The trick will certainly be very effective if indeed you play very relaxed and confident.


– Fourth is not to sit in the previous seat in a row to get a good card, for this trick you try to monitor the table you want to play first but do not sit and bet first. Pay attention to the opponent’s gestures, if a player keeps getting good cards in a row and one time he comes out and moves to the lobby, you don’t immediately sit there.


– Fifth, if indeed you are too tired and cannot concentrate, you should proceed to the next day. Because this type of online gambling Domino qq uses our abilities and of course it is required to concentrate so that you are not fooled by Snapping your opponents.

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