Rock The Quad – Featuring New Bands

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April 20, 2018
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
District Stage


This emerging hard rock band mixes the stylings of emo, pop punk and metal to create a unique sound in the modern music scene.  Influenced by Silverstein, A Day To Remember and Alesana, Usagi produces passionate lyrics packed with great energy and emotion.



Distinctive for his eclectic soundscape and gritty, soulful vocals, EMERIC is a dynamic pop solo artist. Receiving high praise from industry leaders for his single “Set Me Free,” EMERIC is on track to grow in popularity and fandom.


Promise to Myself

This four-piece alternative pop band has been captivating audiences across the Valley with their relatable music and smooth sound. Promise to Myself uses relevant lyrics and fun melodies to deliver exciting and creative performances.


Vermilion Road

Denver rock band, Vermillion Road’s original music draws inspiration from the alternative rock sound they love. They have opened for national acts including Smile Empty Soul and 3 Pill Morning. In 2015, they released  their first full-length album Palaces to rave reviews.


Spar Afar

With international performing experience, Spar Afar hits the Arizona music scene with a wide range of influences. Spar Afar has proven their strong talent in ambitious rock anthems and intimate piano ballads and plan to bring their magic to all venues across the Valley, as they tour in 2017 and release their debut LP.